Pink, Yellow, Orange

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Although it's still technically winter, most brides that are planning their weddings right now are brides for the spring or summer.  For this reason, this post may seem out of season.  My idea for this week's blog came from one of my favorite flowers, Gerber Daisies.  You can really get them in most colors, but the colors that come to my mind are hot pink, orange, and yellow- perfect for spring or summer!  They're so pretty together! 

Using this color combination, you can really order bridesmaid dresses in any of these colors.  I like orange.  A pretty orange dress can be hard to find, but when you find the right color orange, Gerber Daisies go really well with them!  See this picture?  This was a dress by Siri- number 9463 in Saffron.  You can also go with a hot pink or yellow dress.
Because I think orange is a harder color to find great pieces for, I'm going to focus on orange as the main accent color.  I found this amazing orange searsucker bowtie for the guys on Etsy.  Wouldn't it look great with the orange bridesmaids dresses listed above? For the bride, I like a larger bouquet of Gerber Daisies that matches the bridesmaid's bouquets.  I also think a nice added touch to the bride is having a white Gerber Daisy in her hair.  You can find these all over Esty!
I also love this garter I found because it ties in all three Gerber Daisy colors.  Little touches like garters, broaches, boutonnieres, and shoes really do make one wedding different from all other weddings- so don't forget these small touches. How gorgeous is the centerpiece below - a serious favorite!
 When using yellow,  I always think of lemons! Lemon slices in the flowers vase gives a color and looks refreshing! More uses of lemons in the picture right below!
I was also trying to come up with a way for the guests to have fun, and also add brightness to the day!  Because this wedding would be in the spring or summer, I think a great added touch would be pink, yellow and orange popsicles!  Everyone loves popsicles, especially when it's hot outside!  Strawberry, banana, and orange flavors are also delicious!  You can even make them yourself... you know how we love DIY projects. 

Another project that I think could be DIY, would be the guestbook.  The idea I had was a platter that you have people sign.  You can decorate the center with the date and your names or monogram (example shown here) and have all of your guests sign it.  I'm a big fan of guestbooks that can be used in everyday life. It may be easier to buy, but there is definitely the option of making it, if you're really crafty.

 I have to say that I am more of a fan of the three color combination then just pink and orange. The pink and orange table overwhelms me a little bit because the colors seem too similar.
Polka dots can be incorporated into almost everything at your wedding. Look at these invitations and the pillows at the cocktail area! A small tip to think about when it comes to orange. I would suggest not to have orange be a bridesmaids color dress because the orange reflects onto people's faces and you make get a lot of umpa-lumpa looking bridesmaids.
Hopefully this is a good start to a fun and bright spring/summer wedding!  I would love to see how your personal wedding would turn out when using this as a start!  Happy planning! If you like this color combo check out a little different one Green Pink and Yellow or Coral and Turquoise or if you really like yellow but want to pair it with a not so loud color check out our Yellow and Gray


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