Yellow Gray and Black

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

 Yes, you are correct we have already done a gray and yellow color blog, but this one is specifically made for one of our brides who wanted to incorporate black with gray and yellow. So we found some MORE beautiful pictures of real weddings that used these colors. Gray bridesmaids dresses are so adorable but in this combination you could also have black bridesmaids dresses. Black is always a safe color, never goes out of style, and looks good on everyone. Above on the right are cake pops; if you have not tried cake pops yet you really should! They have them at Starbucks or better yet, at a local bakery.
 Table seating cards; I am seriously in love with this idea! So clever to have people replace their names with a Polaroid photo of themselves. It would be a good keepsake to put all the photos into an album and look back to see what everyone looked like your wedding day (show your kids how goofy your uncle looked!).

Our bride loves orchids so we added an orchid bouquet for her as an idea. A lemon cocktail would be a really nice refreshing drink to serve guests.
 I really like the black chairs and the black linens. Instead of purple orchids, use white orchids. You could either have the orchids in the the water with the floating candle on top or you could do something like the flowers below (left) which is a beautiful and classy look.
 It has been very popular to offer guests flip flops for the dance floor but what makes this different is that the sizes are in different colors. I think that's really clever and another great way to add your colors to small details.

The mason jars with straws are really cute. You could put people's names and table numbers on the paper design and that would be a really unique table card idea. It would probably make the most sense at smaller weddings ( 50 or less), but if you have space and the capability of making them for 200 or more I'd say go for it! I would be impressed :)  I'm always a fan of the groom and groomsman wearing some colorful fun socks.
Ok I saw this picture of the lemoncello favors and started giggling to myself because it reminds me of my mother-in-law who came back from Italy and was all about lemoncello. It is an alcoholic drink that the Italians take a shot of after a meal. It tastses like a very strong lemonhead and is actually quite refreshing. So if you did have these as favors at your wedding you should send me two - one of rme and  one for my mother-in-law (delicious)!!!
The clutches below were gifts for the bridsmaids, which is such a great idea. That way your bridesmaids could have something for the day of that matches with what they are wearing and can be used after the wedding for special nights. Each one is a little different so that no one confuses there's with someone elses. If you had someone really crafty you could probably make them too!

If you have read any of our blogs you know we are huge shoe people! I really like the picture above - how the bridesmaids have gray shoes and the bride has yellow. I also like the signs that are wood that have been painted yellow (meaning if you find a sign that you want to use you can always paint it to match your colors!)

I really like these flowers because of the black centers, it fits the color theme just perfect! Well this has been another color blog post, hope you have enjoyed it! Check out our Yellow and Gray blog post becasue it's so similar and will give you some more ideas.


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