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Monday, January 30, 2012

One of our brides told us that she is thinking about green, pink and yellow as a color combination; so to give her a little inspiration and see how others have used those colors we have created this post! We also included some ideas for how to use burlap with the colors! With these colors you can either mellow it down and use all pale colors or you can make it vibrant and use bright shades of the colors. We have some "bright" and "pale" versions throughout this blog.
 Cute burlap sign could have it say anything; could make it a thank you sign and use it for your thank you cards after the wedding!
 I love these yellow vintage chairs; makes for a great photo opportunity. I love the table numbers in the picture below. The use of a green wine bottle and then the burlap on a string is a good way to hold the table number information. If you were planning on using paper table numbers glued to wine bottles make sure you test it out first; paper doesn't stick super well to glass and you don't want to have to worry about the numbers falling off the wine bottles at the reception. That's why this idea below is so nice!
The green zigzag strips are so retro and fun. Silverware warped in burlap - wow! That could be a monuments DIY project if you have 100+ guests! But they are very cool!
 Incorporate burlap in the bouquets by using it as a wrap. There are so many different kind of flowers that you can use with this color combination. They all look so different and give such a different vibe while all being in the same pink, yellow, and green (and white) color scheme.
 You could use a "special drink" for the night and have it be your colors! This one is the pale yellow and green and there is a pink and green drink below too. The detail of a special drink is often forgot about but it can be a really cool and fun idea.
 Really different shape of flowers above. If you love flowers lining the aisle but your budget is tight, you can seriously make these big flowers and save some money.
 Using frame for table numbers is so easy to do yourself. Also it looks nice and you can use the frames over again. If you don't want to keep the frames yourself you can give them as gifts to people. And the frames do no have to be the exact same, so maybe you can find a home for all of them in your own home! A giant letter is a good photo op - and is another way to add color to a fire mantel or other place in the reception.
 Another frame, but this time used as a menu. If you have great handwriting (or your friend does) all you would need is construction paper, scissors, a nice pen or marker and the frame! Another way to use burlap - frame each name card with it!
 Loved these little girls pink ribbons, so sweet and innocent!
 Hope this helps both our readers and of course our bride with the details of using Pink, Green and Yellow! If you want more just Green and White check out this post (it has recently been updated)!  Or our Yellow and Gray (which has also been recently updated!).

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