Aqua and Cherry Red

Thursday, March 8, 2012

One of my favorite wedding color combinations is cherry red and aqua! It's a perfect winter wedding color combinations or also a bright fun summer color combination! It can be sharp and classic or soft and vintage. The picture above is of a cute clutch that you can buy through Etsy; it would be a perfect bridesmaid's gift (link at the bottom of the page).
 These favors remind me of Tiffany gifts! The Tiffany blue box all wrapped up makes it look so classy. If you are a fan of red velvet cake this theme fits perfectly with your taste buds; red velvet cakes are so pretty and romantic. Strawberries are another sweet treat that fit in perfectly with this theme. I love how this couple used little blue baskets with strawberries in it for the table name cards.
 This get away car is so sweet; I love get away cars they end up being some of the cutest photos of the whole day. Here are some more clutches, they are also available on Esty. Clutches or purses are such a great bridesmaids gift because it alleviates the "where should I put my phone and my camera." And it is a cute gift that can be used over again - so it's more practical.
 Snowflakes or lobsters - both fit in perfectly with aqua and red color scheme! These little lobster suckers are the table names cards, very clever. Red velvet cake, red velvet cupcake, red velvet cake pops! Yum!
The invitations below are another Esty creation (see link at the bottom of the post). These colors also make me think of cherry blossoms, so if you wanted to do a cherry blossom theme there are a lot of invitations out there with that theme too. Try wedding paper divas website for more ideas.
Cute keepsake - wishes for the couple (below). Would be a really nice thing to be able to decorate the for the holiday's with a wreath with nice words from those who were with you at your wedding.

I also love these colors for the fourth of July weddings.They keep with the fourth of July theme without making your wedding into an American flag theme.

This necklace and earrings are found on Etsy. Jewelry is always a practical and nice bridesmaids gift. These are fun and vintage! And would give a nice pop a dress.

No matter the season - summer or winter - this color combination can be used in a lot of different ways and give a lot of different ambiances. Sorry about the inconsistencies in the blog posts! I am in the process of moving, so in a couple weeks we will get back to a regular schedule!



Thursday, March 1, 2012

What colors besides neon are trending? Mint! This color is going to be big for the spring so take a look at some of the ways you can encorportate it into your big day. We are seeing people pair mint with blue, or yellow, or pink. These colors would also look great for a baby shower or engagement photos. Mint really reminds me of the frresh salty air you would breath in on the beach. It's a clean and soothing color.
I love these earings!!! If you do too, they are from Esty - the link to buy them is at the bottom of this page.
 If you haven't noticed we almost always include a picture of a bowtie whether it's on a groomsmen or little ring bearer. We also love the colored shoes! This color also can be used to capture a very vintage look with the old china or table centerpieces.

If you'd like to add mint to your shoes but don't actually want mint shoes, try using a shoe clip! Buy a pair of shoes that you love and that are comfortable and then simply add the clip. This one (right below) is on Etsy, the link to buy it is at the bottom of this post!
This color relates to closely to water, but you can take it completely different ways; you can make it more beachy of a feel or more out to see with boats and underwater creatures.
Who said your dress had to be white? I love this minted wedding dress and also the light pink wedding dresses - have you seen those on Pinterest?
Looking for a mint bridesmaids dress? Check out the link at the end of this post to this dress (above left). This style is really cute, it looks good on most body shapes and has a high neckline, so it's still very modest! But it's short so it's still flirty and fun. Also the bracelette right next to it is available at Nordstroms (link at the bottom of this post). I really like gold and mint - great color combo!
My favorite picture of this whole post is the boat name cards (below left) They are so cute! Would take forever to make yourself but are something that as a guest, I would save!

Now, this cake reminds me more of a baby shower. If you are going to make this cake yourself, my only suggestion woudl be to not use a color frosting. If you use a color you will not get the fresh cut lines like this picture because as you cut down the frosting will smear into the other colors.
If you want some truly unique shoes - check out the link for these below. They are BHLDN and are quite a lot of money in my humble opinion, but if you're a shoe person that might be something you'd like to spend your money on!
Hope you enjoyed this post! Make sure you look and see what is actually linked to buy if you have been searching for some mint color things. If you like this color check out some of our other color posts like Pink Green and Yellow or White and Green or Yellow and Grey!


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