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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

 Food trucks or food carts have been popular over the last year and are still continuing to be a popular idea for 2012. Food trucks are perfect for backyard weddings or other locations where kitchen access is limited. This is also a really fun idea for city weddings; if you are using your city as a theme a food truck fits perfectly. 
Food trucks can be used very differently depending upon what food you want the truck to have. It could be used for the whole meal or it could be used for appetizers or desserts. I really like when people use them for desserts because it is so unique and your guests could choose from a variety of flavors rather then having one choice with whatever cake you choose. I also like the dessert option because I am the biggest Ice Cream person, so I would have loved to have an Ice Cream Truck for dessert!

 I love how this bride and groom serve their guests! It's a really good way to be able to say hi to everyone if you didn't want to have a receiving line or go from table to table. It also would be a way to keep the "hello's" short which can be really essential if you have a lot of guests.
 Donut's and coffee are another big trend. These would be a great snack at the end of the night and coffee is often needed for those driving home after the reception is over.
 If you want to serve a complete dinner, make sure it's something you love! For all those west coast girls, In-N-Out would be awesome and I know the guests would not be disappointed. Other options are taco stands or sushi.  All you have to do is decide what you want and start searching!
Are you seeing any trends that you'd like us to blog about? Leave your idea in the comments and we'll try to have an upcoming post made for you!


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