Bachelorette Treats: Lingerie Cookies

Thursday, February 9, 2012

 Please don't be offended by my scandalise cookies but they are so cute I had to share! Want to make something fun for a bachelorette party? Or for a special valentines day? Make lingerie sugar cookies. This post is not to show you how to make sugar cookies, because honestly I bought the premix only had to add butter and an egg. But when it comes to icing get the Betty Crocker Cookie Icing. The gel Icing doesn't look good and frosting will not give you these results. What you need: sugar cookie recipe or mix, a heart shaped cookie cutter (I got mine from Micheal's - they should be more places now that it's close to Valentines Day), and then whatever color Icings and whatever color sprinkles or other decorettes you would like to use! All you do is bake the cookies, let them completely cool, and then begin decorating. Make an outline and then fill in, use a toothpick to help smooth the icing in the area you want.

I have to say the "polka-dots" are my favorite. I used white icing and just covered the icing with sprinkles. The red with pink stars or blue with purple stars is super cute - I wanted to use hearts but I couldn't find the decorettes at the store. To create this look first put down the starts to make the outline and then put a line of icing over the bottom of the stars. See picture below.
 Do the stars look like kind of like ruffles? Or just a mess?! Either way it's cute and it tastes good!!! You can make them for a bachelorette party or you can make then as an activity at the party. If you are going to do that, just have the cookies already made and cooled. You can eat the cookie right after the icing but it might be a bit messy. If you are going to make them for the party do it the day before so the icing can dry and then the cookies can be stacked/you don't have to worry about all the icing rubbing off on each other. 
Hope you all have a good Valentines Day!

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