Green Pink and Yellow

Monday, January 30, 2012

One of our brides told us that she is thinking about green, pink and yellow as a color combination; so to give her a little inspiration and see how others have used those colors we have created this post! We also included some ideas for how to use burlap with the colors! With these colors you can either mellow it down and use all pale colors or you can make it vibrant and use bright shades of the colors. We have some "bright" and "pale" versions throughout this blog.
 Cute burlap sign could have it say anything; could make it a thank you sign and use it for your thank you cards after the wedding!
 I love these yellow vintage chairs; makes for a great photo opportunity. I love the table numbers in the picture below. The use of a green wine bottle and then the burlap on a string is a good way to hold the table number information. If you were planning on using paper table numbers glued to wine bottles make sure you test it out first; paper doesn't stick super well to glass and you don't want to have to worry about the numbers falling off the wine bottles at the reception. That's why this idea below is so nice!
The green zigzag strips are so retro and fun. Silverware warped in burlap - wow! That could be a monuments DIY project if you have 100+ guests! But they are very cool!
 Incorporate burlap in the bouquets by using it as a wrap. There are so many different kind of flowers that you can use with this color combination. They all look so different and give such a different vibe while all being in the same pink, yellow, and green (and white) color scheme.
 You could use a "special drink" for the night and have it be your colors! This one is the pale yellow and green and there is a pink and green drink below too. The detail of a special drink is often forgot about but it can be a really cool and fun idea.
 Really different shape of flowers above. If you love flowers lining the aisle but your budget is tight, you can seriously make these big flowers and save some money.
 Using frame for table numbers is so easy to do yourself. Also it looks nice and you can use the frames over again. If you don't want to keep the frames yourself you can give them as gifts to people. And the frames do no have to be the exact same, so maybe you can find a home for all of them in your own home! A giant letter is a good photo op - and is another way to add color to a fire mantel or other place in the reception.
 Another frame, but this time used as a menu. If you have great handwriting (or your friend does) all you would need is construction paper, scissors, a nice pen or marker and the frame! Another way to use burlap - frame each name card with it!
 Loved these little girls pink ribbons, so sweet and innocent!
 Hope this helps both our readers and of course our bride with the details of using Pink, Green and Yellow! If you want more just Green and White check out this post (it has recently been updated)!  Or our Yellow and Gray (which has also been recently updated!).

Until next time!


Pink and Navy - AGAIN!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Navy and Pink post has been by far the most popular this month - so we thought we'd give the people more of what they're looking for (especially one of our couples, Amanda & Tyler)! Here are some more navy and pink favorites! This is such a great color combination. The navy dresses are a girls best friend (very slimming) and the pink flowers really stand out! How fun are these Nike Shoes - JUST MARRIED! :) Love when brides have so many little details.
 I like options of either using a navy table runner with the white linens or using navy linens with and adding the pink flowers to brighten the whole table. The picture below on the right is one of my favorites, not because of the program but because of the bridesmaids nail polish; it matches perfectly! With navy you can definately add navy and white stripes or a more decorative design like the picture below.
If you don't have a huge flower budget sometimes pedals on the table can give the same effect. I would add some tea light candles on the table below (left) to give the romantic ambiance to the room.
Bow ties are so charming; but if you don't want the groomsmen in them you could still have a ring bearer wear one! Not everyone does "get away cars" but they can make for some cute pictures. And if you have rented it or borrowed it for the whole day it's an opportunity for your photographer to have some different photo opportunities. You could even open the trunk and hang the dress from the back of it - I've seen that done it's very cool especially with classic cars! The picture above of the blue get away car kind of reminds me of something Ken would drive Barbi in :)
Bridesmaids with hot pink shoes is hot! :) There are so many different ways to do centerpieces. I love this tower of pink flowers; we haven't seen that done very often! It's nice too becasue you don't have to fight to see the people on the opposite side of the table. Pink flowers on top of the cake is something Erin already suggested I just found another picture of a beatiful example.

Navy and hot pink are fun bold colors, if you want something similar but a softer look try navy and light pink! If you haven't yet seen our first navy and pink post click here! If you like bright color combinations check out how you can use Neon Pink in our Neon Post!

Table Settings and Cake
Decorative Table Runner and Invitations
Flowers and Tables
Table Settings
Bow Tie

Gold and Coral

Thursday, January 26, 2012

One of our brides has chosen a unique color combination - Gold and Coral! We are loving these colors together. They are so DREAMY and romantic. For the inspiration that she has shared with us we are hoping that this post inspires her just a little more - and of course inspires our readers! We love how people have added orange and pink to this gold and coral combination. Check out the pictures and let us know what you think!
Using ribbon to the tissues above and the programs below and the chair holding "Mr." below adds that pop of color and ties everything together without being "loud" or overdone.
 The gold chairs are awesome, they bring a romantic ambiance to the room! The sherbet (above right) would be cute if it was a light pink or more coral of a color. Wanted to show the gold plates - is having a gold plate too gaudy?
 The chandelier in the mirror all gold defiantly give a rich feeling! And the couples initials on the fireplace mantel is really neat (could even use those for home decor after the wedding)! I am absolutely a huge fan of the bracelet on the brides wrist below left. It is so simple and cute and adds the gold to the bride! It's a Kate Spade bracelet and there is a matching necklace too!
How cute is the "may you always have a shell in your pocket and sand in your toes"! Could be cute for decoration or could turn it into favors! If you like coral but want to pair it with something bright like turquoise check out this post: Coral and Turquoise!

Enjoy your Thursday!!

Scrabble Themed Wedding

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

 Who would've thought? Did this Words With Friends inspire a whole new theme for weddings? 
Scrabble is a completely different way to add fun details to engagement photos and/or your weddings!
The use of scrabble pieces can start in your engagement photos carry to your invitations and continue to be 
incorporated in the details of your wedding decorations.
Is there something really "ordinary" that you made into a unique wedding detail? Would love to hear about what you did!

Have a super week!

Purple Wedding Details

Friday, January 20, 2012

Here is our purple inspiration board! If you are choosing to use purple as a main color at your wedding don't limit yourself to one shade of purple. Mixing the different shades really adds dimension to things like your flowers! I love this nail polish - would be really great for bridesmaids! Bow ties are always my personal favorite so when I saw this purple bowtie I had to add it!
It's fun to add your pop of color to the small details - like your shoes or your favors or even the bridesmaids nail polish (or your)! Jam "spread the love" is such a great idea for a purple wedding. You can even make your own jam if you want to explore some DIY options. It's a sweet treat that stays in line with the color scheme!
Quick tip on flowers - don't have the bridesmaids dresses match the flowers - in pictures the flowers will blend into the dresses! Have the flowers either be different colors completely or different shades of purple.
Don't be afraid to use other colors! And also don't feel like you have to have the main parts purple; add ribbon to programs and keep white table lines adding purple flowers for the pop of color. Hope this helps give you some ideas on how to use purple! Check out how one of our brides used purple in their wedding: Mr. & Mrs. Earnes. Ashely Earnes was one our DIY brides and incorporated the wine theme click on the link to see the purple and wine combination!

To find where all purple pictures came from visit my pinterest board here!



Monday, January 16, 2012

So the neon wedding blog really inspired my outfit today! If you missed that blog click here to check it out!
Seriously this will take you five minutes to make. Grab an old t-shirt (large or x-large) the bigger it is the longer your scarf will be - mine was my husband's large t-shirt and I wrapped the scarf twice around my neck.  All you do is take the t-shirt, cut strips about an inch or inch and a half thick all the way up to the armpit of the shirt. Then take the strands and stretch them out - they will naturally curl under like the far right picture below. Then put all your strands together and your done!
If you want to hold the strands together you can take extra fabric and wrap it around all the strands. See picture below (you don't have to do that though; I left mine separate so that I can make them all different lengths (how they fall on your neck).

Can you tell how un-model-like I am :) The picture on the right was snapped just as I fell over!
Have fun with it! I know I did! :)


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