You Make my Nights so Bright

Saturday, February 25, 2012

One of my favorite parts of weddings is how everything shines a little brighter that day then any other day. I love when couples use candles and lights of all different kinds to bring the romantic ambiance that is so perfect for their special day. This blog has all sorts of lights - Christmas white lights, sparklers, long stem candles, tea lights candles, flame-less candles, bulb lights, fireworks, lanterns, etc. No matter your style, the use of lights and candles can be used (and in my great opinion should be!). I love the sparkler craze that is going on, and look at this picture (above right) it looks like it's straight from Cinderella.
 At many reception areas there are fireplace mantels; a perfect and easy way to decorate them is with a number of candles. You can get the hurricane vases from basically anywhere (Wal-Mart, Good Will, or if you want to be less thrifty Home and Good Store). You don't need to have as many candles on the mantel as the picture (above left), and they don't have to be the same size or height. But having them seriously adds a lot to the look of the room.
 I love the (above right) picture with the hanging candles! Love! If you want more of a traditional romantic look try these tall stem candles like the (below right) picture!
 Floating candles in the pool, these are the details that so many people miss! I love the pictures that are captured of the bride and groom at their ceremony, the blurred lights make the whole thing look magical.
 I look at the picture below and in my head start singing "baby your a firework" (Katy Perry). People who get married near or on the 4th of July, fireworks are such a fun unique way to end the night. If you get married on that day then your chances of seeing fireworks without even planning it are very high. Just remember if you want to have fireworks, you have to have permits and things like that, so make sure you plan a head for that. The picture (below left) won a photograph of the year. If you want a great picture like this make sure you hire a great photographer because moments like this can be missed if you use your uncle who likes photography instead of a photographer.
 I am a huge fan of chandeliers. I think they are so gorgeous and the type of chandelier can give of a completely different feel. I also really like adding lace to candles; if you want to see our do it yourself lace votive check out the link at the end of the post!
 In the picture (above right) they are using flame-less candles. Make sure that you talk to your ceremony site coordinator and reception coordinator to make sure they will let you use candles, otherwise, flame-less is a great option. The great thing about flame-less are that they do not "blow out" in the wind, they do not start anything on fire, and they do not burn out. If you are outside and it's not a place that it blocked from the wind, think about using flame-less candles or making sure the candle is in a protective jar or glass or whatever you'd like.
 These hanging candles are so popular right now and I am totally on board with them. They are so great to be little specs of light that hang behind you at the ceremony. I also love the candles leading down the aisle, even if it's in the daylight it's gorgeous.
 Hope you use some of these ideas in your wedding! :) Happy Saturday! Check out our DIY lace votive Here!



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