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Monday, February 6, 2012

A lot of our brides are interested in having program fans at their wedding; they are fun and practical. You can make them or purchase them. Now if you are going to make them first think about how many guests are going to be there because it can take a long time. To save time have everything print on the same piece of paper. You can literally type up the information in Microsoft word you don't need a super fancy web design program. Then all you need is one or multiple photos (engagement photos work well) and pick your favorite printing location. If you are Ok with plain "sticks" you can seriously get a pack of 100 from Wal-Mart for under 10 dollars. If you print the picture directly to the paper and have the information printed directly on the back of the same paper, then the only work you will have to do is gluing the stick to the program (and cut it into the shape you want if you don't have it printed on a particular shape). Use a strong glue (I used super glue) otherwise the wood will fall off. Test some of the programs let them sit overnight and see if they hold up.  The ones right below are mine... I was super dumb and printed out the actual photos on photo and glued them to every single program. I also didn't print on the same paper so I glued the front and backside together.
 It took me forever to make them; thankfully my best friend helped and we were able to get them done. I had six different pictures and 3 different colors. Our main color was pink but all the pops of colors were green, orange and other shades of pink. If you make them yourself, anticipate some imperfections, and if that's going to drive you crazy then buy them. Check out the links at the bottom for Esty artists who can make them for you. The fun thing about ours were that everyone wanted to see all the different pictures and people were grabbing any "left behind" because there was such a variety.

 The above picture is another version of a program fan. If you decide to make these, just anticipate a lot of cutting. The great thing about them is that it allows for more space to write. So if you have a big bridal party or want to write special thanks or even have the words to a song sung at your wedding, you have space for it.
You can also buy pre-designed fan's from craft stores or offline; you would then just print the words that you wanted on them. So if you want to make them but you don't want to "design" everything, that is a good option! Again if you choose to do this yourself, when you plan, think "I have to make 200 of these" or however many guests. Too many times you think "this is easy" after making one, but it's not really how easy or hard it is, it's just the amount of time that goes into a DIY like this!
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