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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Not long after I got married, my husband and I got a puppy and we are in complete love with him. So when I started brainstorming ideas of what to blog about this week I was thinking back to my wedding and thought, "if we had our little puppy before we got married, he for sure would've been in the wedding"... So that led me to think if others felt the same way, or if we were the only ones who had puppy love! I quickly found out I was not alone! And wanted to share for all those dog lovers, ways that people have let their dogs be apart of their big day.
 If you are too nervous to have your dog on the big day, why not take some engagement shots with the other one you love! I am a sucker for Pomeranian's because my dog is a pom.
 Cake toppers could also be a way to incorporate your beloved puppy.
 If you want your wedding to have no surprises, don't bring your dog, because you never know what they are really going to do. But if you are someone who thinks something like your dog peeing on the tent is funny (see below) then everything will be just fine with your little guy by your side!

I love when the dog is the ring bearer. It is so sweet. I read one bride who said that their dog literally ran down the aisle to them with the rings and it brought everyone to laughter. Now, if your dog isn't well behaved, those rings could end with a game of chase... so be smart :)
This cake topper was for the grooms cake, which is perfect for a groom who loves his dog!
Hope this post brought a smile to your face like it did to me! 



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