Pink and Brown

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

 One of our couples, Latrice and Victor, have chosen the color combination of pink and brown, so this post 's inpiration is from them. Latrice is a little bit of a glam girl so we've try to capture the mix of glam and classic in this post. Honestly, it was really hard to find chocolate brown and pink wedding pictures because the trend has been so much of the "rustic" look that all the "browns" I was finding were woodsy. With that said these are the pictures that I believe still capture what we're looking for, but the best pictures of course will come from our bride's wedding this summer!
I love these cake pops; they could be used as favors and the pink buttons and bow tie are so sweet! I am loving the mantle with the flowers and the floating candles, so romantic. This cake is very much a pink and brown, but remember when you are picking out a cake it doesn't have to be your colors. It can be white with flowers etc. and sometimes be even prettier then the cake below (not taking anything away from the cake below).
 These little flower girl dresses are so sweet with the brown ribbon and the flower girl basket.
 The dark linens are nice, they really set a contrast for flowers or candles that sit on them. I love the hanging glass balls full of flowers hanging as a back drop to the bride and groom. It's so simple and elegant; just adds a little to the plain white.
 I like that the groom is the only one wearing the light pink tie; it's a nice subtle way to separate him from the rest of the groomsmen. Below shows a how one couple used years with pictures for each table number; this adds personalization to each table and it will get people off their feet to check out the pictures at every table!
 These bridesmaids dresses are so classy.
 The thing about this color combo is that you don't have to use just light pink! You could use a lot of different shades of pink, especially for the flowers! I love pink champagne, would be a great thing to have for the girls while they are getting ready!
 I love these favors - little personalize glasses with pink jelly beans! It adds to the color on the table and would be a great keepsake to take home!
These shoes were just so gorgeous and classy! This cake is beautiful, but more then that it's set up to be shown off! I love when a cake has it's own place to sit and be on display until it can be enjoyed. And if the location is in a awesome place like that it makes even better cake cutting pictures!
 Really simple mix of flowers hanging down the aisle. Favors can be put in a brown and pink box - super cute. I had to add the picture of the chocolate puppy in the pink roses!
 Check out our navy and pink blog and our pink and navy blog for more pink ideas! Hope I was able to help all those brides out there looking for some ideas with this color scheme!!!


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