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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Perfect Wedding posted 1/31/2012

"Emily Hoffman-Smalling (owner of Stella Harper Events) was the wedding planner for our daughter’s December 30 wedding. My daughter got engaged the end of August and we found Emily on September 30 so everything was on a fast tract. Emily was indispensable. She helped us understand the things we needed to do and when we needed to do them. She connected us to talented vendors. It was amazing to me how accessible Emily was. She always answered calls and e-mails very quickly and she had good information and wisdom about the many, many questions that we had throughout the process (Can the bride go away in her wedding dress? Should I invite people from work? Where is a good place for the bridal luncheon? Where can we find a veil? Should we have a morning after breakfast? Should the bride and groom attend?). One of the things I loved most about Emily was the affirming, calming manner she had with us. When my nerves were frayed, she always had a supportive comment. Amy wanted to do a lot of wedding activities herself (invitations, menus, favors, programs). Emily jumped right in and scheduled days to spend with us doing wedding crafts and everything got done. The wedding was a huge success. My husband had one main request. He did not want to have to worry about details during the wedding ceremony and reception. His request was more than granted. Emily managed the wedding day activities beautifully and invisibly. Now, even though the wedding is over, Emily is still immediately ready to tie any loose ends and answer questions (When will we get the pictures? Did we really sign a contract to pay for the video before we get it? What about the security deposit for the wedding site?). I highly recommend Emily. My husband and I were reflecting on the wedding and he asked how much we had paid for Emily’s services. When I told him the amount, he said, “oh my goodness, we got a bargain.""

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