Black and White Color Combo

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some things will never go out of style, and that's a black and white wedding. I really love black and white weddings it just keeps everything so simple and elegant. But I do also like when people add a pop of color to this combination. Some of my favorite colors to add to this color combination is red or turquoise. The photobooth thrend is still alive, but people are adding some creative aspects to the regular photobooth. The picture below shows a little window that people can pose behind or in front of and a basket of props. I think photo booths are a great way to capture all the guests at the wedding. It helps you get those pictures that you'd like to have but don't have time to "schedule it in" into your photographers schedule.
 I really like the simple white cake. This cake below is so beatiful and elegant! If you were worried about having brown chairs mixed with black table linins - don't brown and black can totally go together and you can incorporate both the colors throughout all your designs.

 The chair back is something I have never actually seen! But it's really cool if you can only do it for the bride and groom, you can have it resemble the dress and the tux! So unique and memorable!

 Little boys in boties - so so cute! When using this color combo you can add a lot of designs such as the design on the cake below (left) or the striped table clothes (two pictures above)

More chair backs becasue they are so unique! Have you ever seen anything like this???

Hope you enjoyed this post! I will try to do a variation of this in the near future with pops of colors to show even more options!

Happy Wednesday!

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