Navy and Pink

Monday, August 29, 2011

This week the color watch that is becoming more and more popular is Navy and Pink! When I see Navy I get a nautical feeling, maybe because of the word NAVY! But needless to say you will see that type of theme pop up in this post because it just seems right to me. So to start off find an invitation that matches your colors and give that "navy pier" feeling. Use a custom stamp to add to the theme. The link at the bottom of the page shows you where you can purchase both!
Now, I am more fond of the bridesmaids in navy with the pop of pink as the color! If you are going to get married by water you can stay warm from the wind by adding those cute bright pink shawls. Also personalize each bridal bouquet with embroidery!

Staying with the nautical feeling, I found this rope boutonniere and these cuff links! Small details that pull everything together really can separate your wedding from the next. I really like how everything so far that you've seen is very simple. Staying with the simple theme add a simple cake with pink flowers on top and the navy ribbing around each layer.
You may notice a theme in our blogs - we love colored shoes! Bridesmaids with pink shoes to match their flowers (and everything else) is a really fun way to tie "complete the look." The pink shoes on the right were a brides shoes; I love the bows! And if you choose this color scheme shopping is going to be a lot easier for you because these colors are easier to find then some others (especially in the shoe department!)
If you wanted to do something a little less simple try detailing a cake with your colors like this one below! Also here is another look at what you could do with a groomsman's outfit. The stripes keep the pink from being overly feminine.
Also what is more like walking along a pier then candy! A candy bar used as favors or just for fun can be a fun decorative touch to the reception. Also it's fairly east to make the wraps for each jar; all you really need to worry about is finding all pink candy!
Two last things to leave you with that would fit this theme really well. First a Polaroid guest book. First of all this is a timeless way to capture the guests and would be a great thing to be able to look back at all your guests with your kids and see how funny their uncle used to look. The second is having cotton candy; to me this is a true nautical feeling and would be a different tasty favor to have!
Hope you enjoyed another style watch post! Please request any color combinations you are looking for and we will post it for you! If you want a bright color but you're not a pink girl look at some of the other colors we've posted: Coral and Turquoise or Purple


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