SHE's Crafty: Props

Monday, October 3, 2011

Props.  These could also be called accessories.  It is currently a trend to use props and accessories to make weddings unique and fun!  Whether they be used for engagement photo sessions, wedding ceremony decorations, or for the reception, props are making a grand debut for many weddings.  The types of props I’m referring to are banners that read things like “Happily Ever After”, “Save the Date” or “Thank You” displayed in photos, chalkboards with thought bubbles or wedding dates used in photos, and the subject of this blog post: the ampersand.  If you don’t know what an ampersand is, it’s the “&” symbol.  Currently it is a great little prop used when the bride-to-be and groom-to-be stand next to each other, each holding onto the ampersand, representing their unity.  I LOVED this idea, so I had to make one, covered in moss.

1 Ampersand (I found a cork board shaped like an ampersand at JoAnn Fabrics on clearance.  You can also find wooden or cardboard ones at fabric stores.  If you’re super crafty, I’m sure you could cut one out of cardboard as well.)

1 Bag of Craft Moss

Spray Adhesive

These directions are pretty simple and won’t take you long.  Learning by trial and error, spray glue worked the best for me based on the cork board material.

1)      Spray a small area of the ampersand that you will be covering.  Take a generous amount of the craft moss and place it where you’d like to go on the ampersand.  Apply slight pressure to make sure it will stick.

2)      Repeat step one until the entire ampersand is covered.

3)      After the whole thing is covered, I sprayed mine with another round of glue, just to make sure it would stick.
One thing I did not do but think would make it easier to hold for the couple would be to add handles on the back.  I would suggest if you’d like to do this, apply them BEFORE you put any moss on the front.

That’s really all it takes!  I don’t have any photos of my particular prop being used yet, but here are a few examples of what can be done:  

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