Green and White

Monday, September 12, 2011

This week’s blog is going to be all about green and white!  I put it to the public of Facebook for color combos they’d like to hear about, and I had a friend from high school ask for some suggestions for her wedding next year (don’t worry,I’ll get to the rest of them shortly). I LOVE this natural feel and the idea of her summer outdoorsy wedding.  Amanda, I hope these ideas help!

I absolutely love the color green, so this one was fun for me.  There are so many great ideas for outdoors, and I think the natural colors just add the perfect touch.  The first thing that came to my mind was the bouquet.  To keep it simple, I wouldn’t suggest doing too much of an actual green flower- just a lot of white flowers with greenery.  I love this bouquet.  Gorgeous and soft.  If you’re not a rose person (some people aren’t), I suggest white peonies instead.  They’re another soft flower that would be pretty with this type of greenery.       
Before I get to the boutonnieres, these flowers and the outdoor feel made me think about the bridesmaid dresses.  I think this wedding/theme would be perfect to have each bridesmaid wear a different shade of green.  Some brides have the girls wear the same dress in different shades of green, but a lot of times they’ll just have them each wear a different dress in a different shade of green.  I think this would be so stunning in an outdoor setting with natural flowers and greenery such as in the bouquet above.  Before you scratch your head thinking this might look strange, check out an example:
Ah, I’m in love.
So for the guys, I think it would be cool to keep them in matching suits, but have them each have a slightly different boutonniere.  See?  Won’t it look great with the miss-matching bridesmaids?
Continuing to envision this perfect wedding in my head, I am imagining a wedding ceremony with a giant tree in the background (maybe even a tire swing in the tree!) on a beautiful summer day.  I found these invitations that I think are perfect for this wedding.  They show the different shades of green and give the airy outdoor feel.  
When the guests arrive to the wedding, help them navigate their way to the ceremony with some cute, but classy homemade signs pointing them in the right direction.  There is a fine line between classy and cheap looking.  Make sure you get (or make) a classy looking sign and not something TOO natural… Also if you want to bring "the outdoors" inside add sticks to your centerpieces it adds height and texture and of course the outdoors in!
The vision of the tree that shows up head also comes in the form of the guestbook.  A great new guestbook idea is to purchase (or make- you know I love my DIY projects) a large parchment or canvas with a tree painted on it.  The guests use ink to put their fingerprints on the tree as the leaves and sign their names underneath.  When it’s complete you can hang it in your house!  Genius and it fits so well with this summer outdoor wedding!
I also love mason jars for outdoor weddings.  We have a bride next June that will be using mason jars and I think they’re such a great touch!  And there are SO many things you can do with them.  For this post I chose to go with two ideas- one as glasses for the guests to use throughout the night,and another to use as jars for the favors.  In the photo below the couple wrote a message to let the guests know to put their names on the tags to keep up with their mason jar cup.  You could also paint chalkboard squares on the jars and let the guests write their names in chalk!  I think the jam in the small mason jars is a great favor for this wedding because it reminds me of home and comfort. 
If you decide to go with the mason jar cups, pair them with these precious straws for a special touch.  SO CUTE and inexpensive!!
Above right picture is of a centerpiece; a candle stick comes stand in the middle of a nest of greenery! For the cake at this wedding I would go with a simple white cake.  You can add some green ribbon to tie in color if you feel you need it and top it off with a cute topper like this one.  These would also be pretty easy to make.  Maybe I’ll do a cake topper DIY post one of these days…
For more flower ideas try calla lilies - they hold up easily (do not wilt) or baby's breath! I also love the look of this cake.  It is white and simple, but the designer added some life with the frosting design.  Classic and gorgeous.  I also love the chocolate covered apples!!  They match the green and the white theme! So perfect!!

If you like the apples, I say go with that as sort of a decoration theme.  Apples can be apart of your centerpieces in vases tall and short.  They’re always a hit! If you don’t like the apples, stick with the mason jars for centerpieces.  Use them as vases or candle holders and you can’t go wrong.
Hopefully this post helped you with some ideas, Amanda!  I hope it may have inspired some of you also to use this color scheme.  I LOVE it so much!  Happy planning!
If you want to see how some green and blue feathers could be used check out our feather post! Or if you like this "type of vibe" but want different colors check out our Yellow and Gray post!

Cake Topper
Green Straws
Mason Jars
Flowers and Bridesmaids
Peace Sign Pics
Green and White

Different Shade Bridesmaids 
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