Monday, January 16, 2012

So the neon wedding blog really inspired my outfit today! If you missed that blog click here to check it out!
Seriously this will take you five minutes to make. Grab an old t-shirt (large or x-large) the bigger it is the longer your scarf will be - mine was my husband's large t-shirt and I wrapped the scarf twice around my neck.  All you do is take the t-shirt, cut strips about an inch or inch and a half thick all the way up to the armpit of the shirt. Then take the strands and stretch them out - they will naturally curl under like the far right picture below. Then put all your strands together and your done!
If you want to hold the strands together you can take extra fabric and wrap it around all the strands. See picture below (you don't have to do that though; I left mine separate so that I can make them all different lengths (how they fall on your neck).

Can you tell how un-model-like I am :) The picture on the right was snapped just as I fell over!
Have fun with it! I know I did! :)


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