Pink and Navy - AGAIN!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Our Navy and Pink post has been by far the most popular this month - so we thought we'd give the people more of what they're looking for (especially one of our couples, Amanda & Tyler)! Here are some more navy and pink favorites! This is such a great color combination. The navy dresses are a girls best friend (very slimming) and the pink flowers really stand out! How fun are these Nike Shoes - JUST MARRIED! :) Love when brides have so many little details.
 I like options of either using a navy table runner with the white linens or using navy linens with and adding the pink flowers to brighten the whole table. The picture below on the right is one of my favorites, not because of the program but because of the bridesmaids nail polish; it matches perfectly! With navy you can definately add navy and white stripes or a more decorative design like the picture below.
If you don't have a huge flower budget sometimes pedals on the table can give the same effect. I would add some tea light candles on the table below (left) to give the romantic ambiance to the room.
Bow ties are so charming; but if you don't want the groomsmen in them you could still have a ring bearer wear one! Not everyone does "get away cars" but they can make for some cute pictures. And if you have rented it or borrowed it for the whole day it's an opportunity for your photographer to have some different photo opportunities. You could even open the trunk and hang the dress from the back of it - I've seen that done it's very cool especially with classic cars! The picture above of the blue get away car kind of reminds me of something Ken would drive Barbi in :)
Bridesmaids with hot pink shoes is hot! :) There are so many different ways to do centerpieces. I love this tower of pink flowers; we haven't seen that done very often! It's nice too becasue you don't have to fight to see the people on the opposite side of the table. Pink flowers on top of the cake is something Erin already suggested I just found another picture of a beatiful example.

Navy and hot pink are fun bold colors, if you want something similar but a softer look try navy and light pink! If you haven't yet seen our first navy and pink post click here! If you like bright color combinations check out how you can use Neon Pink in our Neon Post!

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