SHE's Trendy: Feathers

Monday, October 24, 2011

Whether you've seen feathers at a wedding you've been invited to recently, or just on "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera," they are a fun and trendy decorative accent for weddings.  They are also the inspiration for this week's trendy blog, specifically peacock feathers. 

Peacock feathers have so many great colors to set your event color palette, the most prominent being blue and green.  You could also introduce pinks and purples as accents. 

Royal/turquoise blue is definitely a popular and gorgeous color for bridesmaids dresses.  It is also easier to find green, pink or purple flowers than blue flowers and they also will pop against the blue bridesmaids dresses. 

To incorporate the peacock feathers, I found these precious hairpins for the bridesmaids.

The bride can also incorporate peacock feathers subtly with this garter or bouquet:

I think a great birdcage veil also fits well with the peacock theme.  The veil I found is really simple and could easily be paired with the feather hairpin mentioned above.  Another great detail would be to tie the feathers into your shoes, similar to this:

And to not leave out the guys, boutonnieres can also include the peacock feathers.

Now although peacock feathers are gorgeous, it is important to make sure not to over-use them.  I think definitely use some feathers in some of the centerpieces, but also stick with classic flower centerpieces to keep the theme calm.  You can even do some really pretty vintage blue and white vases with green flowers.

A final touch to keep with the bird theme would be to decorate with birdcages.  They are so pretty and have a natural vintage feel.  They can be used as simple decoration with candles, or they can be used for cards on the gift table.

For more ideas on how to incorporate feathers into your wedding, check out one of our former couples wedding albums here:

Bridesmaids Dresses
Boutonniere 1
Boutonniere 2

Check back in 2 weeks for another SHE's Trendy blog!
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