SHE's Trendy: A Not Too Fall, Fall Wedding

Monday, September 26, 2011

My friend Ashley is getting married next fall and asked for some ideas on how to incorporate fall, without being TOO MUCH fall.  I think when people think of fall weddings they think they have to use pumpkins and leaves.  While pumpkins and leaves can be so great, (I am definitely a fan) they can also be overdone.  So for Ashley, I have come up with some ideas to incorporate fall without the typical fall staples.

The first thing Ashley mentioned was that she wanted to use some pink.  I think pink in the fall is gorgeous, but you have to use the right pink.  Pink with tans and golds work better in the fall than say, a hot pink.  So to go along with this pink, gold, tan color scheme, I came up with some great fall ideas. 

 These flowers kind of jump started my ideas.  I love this overall look and it’s a great pink color. 

I also found some custom ribbon that reads “I LOVE YOU”, that is an ivory color that the bouquets would be gorgeous wrapped in.  It’s one of those great details that the photographer should know about in advance to capture on camera.  Such a special detail that looks great far away, and it is so unique up close.

To match these flowers, I would use a few different centerpieces.  My ideas incorporate the tans and golds using straw and wood/beige candles.  For the straw centerpieces, you could wrap the straw in a pink colored ribbon to incorporate that color.  The other centerpiece has a wooden base.  I like using wood accents, but I would stay away from too many wood pieces if you’re trying not to be too “fall”.  If you ARE looking for fall, I LOVE all the things you can do with wood accents.

This cake is such a great idea to tie in the straw from the centerpieces, and still give it a classic look.
I think for the bridesmaid dresses, a long flowingdress would be great for the fall.  It will cover up their legs so they don’t get too cold, and the dress I found fits perfectly for what I had in mind.  It comes in many different colors for fall- ivory, mocha, cappuccino, dusty rose, blossom, and coral were my favorite.  Check out the website to see what color would go best in your mind.

I also think you make a wedding unique with the small details.  The first one I found incorporates the wood touch, and I think it would work great for back of the getaway car, or if it’s an outdoor wedding it can be hung on a wall as a decoration.  Also great for photos.

Another thing I love for wedding receptions are signature cocktails.  I found this ginger, apple, bourbon drink that is perfect for fall!  I love the little apple garnish.  Hopefully it tastes as good as it looks! 

As a favor, I love the idea of hot chocolate or s’mores in a jar!  You can make these yourself, or you can buy them on places on Etsy.

I also found this great guestbook that is similar to the tree with fingerprints that was featured in the last Style Blog, but also different!  This print is already made for you, and your guests sign inside the leaves.  I love this print and you can customize the colors to match your wedding or your home décor!

My last little touch is for the bride (just for you, Ashley).  This touch allows you to purchase more plain shoes, and make them amazing!  This Etsy shop sells clip on flowers, in any color you want, to add to your shoes!  In my opinion it’s genius!

I love fall weddings, and I think these ideas show you that you CAN do fall without pumpkins and leaves.  Good luck planning!
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