Why Not Do it Yourself? Fabric Wreath

Monday, September 5, 2011

Have you ever gone to Etsy.com to find homemade goodies you can purchase?

Well, if you haven’t you definitely should!  It’s a great resource for wedding decorations and ideas.  You can either purchase what you’re looking for, or you can get ideas to make things yourself.  If you search under the wedding section, one thing you’ll find is tons of wreaths!  What I love about wreaths is that you can use them after the wedding at your house!  You can even add the numbers of your address to the sides after your wedding and hang it from your front door.  This week I made a wreath with rosettes.  It was easy to make and fun!


Styrofoam Wreath Fabric One yard of the main fabric that you’ll cover the wreath in Depending on how many rosettes you put on your wreath, you’ll need about a half a yard of fabric for each color Glue Gun and Glue Scissors


1) Take the fabric that you’re using to cover the wreath and cut it in 2-3 thick strips the length of the yard of fabric.

 2) Take the glue gun and glue the end of the first strip to the back of the Styrofoam wreath.  Begin wrapping the strip around the wreath, tightly.  I put a line of glue on the back of the strip each time it wrapped around the back.  Each time a strip runs out, cut it off in the back and begin with another strip until the whole wreath is covered.

3) Next it is time to make the rosettes.  For these, cut 1” thick strips of fabric.  I cut them in different lengths to make different sized rosettes.  Just try different sizes to figure out which ones you’d like to use.  First step for the rosettes is to tie a knot on the end.  Then twist the fabric around the knot and glue to hold in place.  Keep doing this until the fabric runs out.  It may seem hard but it’s pretty easy.  Here are some pictures to try to help.

4) After you have the number of rosettes that you want, lay them out on the wreath to see how you’d like them to look.  Then use your glue gun to glue them all on the wreath.

Voila!  It’s complete!  I love the way mine turned out.  I think you will, too!

Email me if you have a request for a craft at erin@stellaharperevents.com
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