Style Watch: Old Hollywood Glamour

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The style theme for this week is going to be Old Hollywood Glamour.  The inspiration for this week’s theme is a great childhood friend of mine’s wedding, coming up in June next year.  She is getting married at a classic old theatre that is so beautiful!  Her color scheme is red and black, which I think is perfect for Old Hollywood.  When you have such a strong theme like this, there are so many fun things you can do!

As always, I stay true to my thought that invitations are the first thing that set the tone for your wedding, I think there are a few great ideas that will set the tone for this theme!  This first one I love because it just feels like 1920’s movie premiere.  The other idea comes from my bride friend, Laura, who will be using a ticket for her invitation!  Such a great idea!

Once you’re at the wedding, the theme can be carried out in so many ways.  The first thing that the guests would see would be the theatre marquee!  If you’re doing an Old Hollywood/Theatre theme but are not having the wedding at a theatre, I would definitely make something that looks like this. 

For flowers, I would stick with basic traditional flowers- red roses, white lilies/orchids.  If you do black bridesmaid dresses, red flowers would be a great pop of color. If you do red bridesmaid dresses, you could do white or a mixture of red and white.  
For the bridal look, I think the trend of the birdcage veil would be perfect at this wedding. The one below even has a feather which is perfect for this theme!

For centerpieces, it’s a good idea to have a little bit of a mixture.  Some just flowers-some should be tall and some should be short- and also some other special touches.  I think a great and fun way to incorporate the theme here would be to add feathers! 
I think that for the other centerpieces you could find some old vintage cameras and place them in the middle.  You could probably find some of these at thrift stores or antique stores.   I also love doing small candles with lace covering them.  Check out my past DIY blog to see how to make these.

Because this theme is so fun, I think the reception needs to have some fun things for the guests!  My first idea is a popcorn machine!  I think this fits perfectly into the theme, and is fun for your guests.  You can find these paper popcorn containers for pretty inexpensively, too.
My other fun idea is with the guestbook.  I think a Polaroid guestbook kind of gives off the old feel and gives the guests something fun to do!  All you need is a Polaroid camera or two, a blank scrapbook, blank Polaroid film, and some pens and tape.

The last touch for this theme is to have a great, bold, wedding cake.  I found this black and white cake that I love.  The stitch detail looks sort of like fishnet stockings which definitely reminds me of Old Hollywood. You could add red accents to the cake table, or with some sort of topper or flowers around it.

Overall, I LOVE this theme, and I love the many different things you can do with such a fun theme.  Hopefully it sparked some ideas with some of you!

See you back next Monday for another DIY project.
Invitation that IS a ticket stub

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