Sunday, October 30, 2011

The "New" Kind Of Wreath

A fun decoration for any time of year. An easy craft that you can change up for each season. The rosettes are not glued on the letter, they are tied to the "C" which makes it easy to switch colors or decorations according to the season. The colors I chose are a mix of fall and Christmas. Better fall colors may be orange, red, and yellow. Christmas colors could be green, red, and white etc.

Now I'm going to warn you covering the letter with hemp, takes awhile, so I stuck in a favorite chick flick while I wrapped the letter. The rosettes don't take as long to make.

All you need is a ball of hemp and whatever letter you'd like to cover and a glue gun (you can get all these things at your neighborhood craft store). Now every letter is going to be different because each shape makes it easier/harder... curvy letters like C or S are a bit harder. Don't bother making it perfect, it looks great either way. The key is to make sure the white doesn't show.

First tie a knot and start wrapping I coated a little section at a time with glue and wrapped that little section. Now the corners are harder so you might have to use more glue or be more particular. You basically do one layer, and then another otherwise you will not be able to cover all the white. On the curves try angling the wrap and the second layer make it straighter. I wish I could be more help with this part but really, you just gotta go with it. Remember that only one side will be displayed so you can tie knots and everything on the back side.

My puppy was very interested in the "C" :) He's a boy - hence the hockey jersey!

Rosettes - You will need scrap strips of fabric and a glue gun or fabric glue.
Now this is going to seem easy - all you do is cut a strip about an inch wide and the length depends how big you want the rose. I took a t-shirt and cut an inch wide off the bottom it ended up being about 24 inches long - which was more than long enough - you probably only need about 12 inches in length. Make sure you cut off any tags from the t-shirt and do not use where the hem is - first cut off the hem and then cut the inch wide strip. You will have a circle of fabric, so just cut it so that it's one long strip and not a circle.

Then you tie a knot on on side of the strip of fabric and twist the fabric as if you were twirling your hair and wrap that fabric in a circle. Glue the side about every half inch, when you apply the glue put it closer to the backside of the rose so that you do not see any glue on the front (you just want to see the fabric). Again the backside of the rose will not be seen, so don't worry if it's coated with glue.

Alternative way of gluing -
when you get the size of the about a penny - coat the backside of the rosette with the hot glue let it dry - and then continue wrapping. Coat the back again with glue every so often.

Once your rosette is "big" enough, you will have a strip of fabric, if you'd like to cut it, you can. But I left the fabric attached and used it to wrap around the C. I wrapped it twice and then used a pin to keep it in place.

You can make a number of rosettes to change the colors for the seasons. You can also add embellished centers with little pearls or jewels.

Hope you enjoy!!

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