Why Not Do It Yourself? Paper Flowers

Thursday, August 4, 2011

We are back again to give you some more Do It Yourself decoration ideas. This week is going to be paper flowers! Here's a pic of the final product.

I think these flowers are such a cute touch and can be incorporated into your wedding with all types of themes. Think vintage bookstore or antique style wedding. Both classic designs and if you use the right book pages, you can make your flowers fit so well into your decor! If you choose to use a patterned paper or a colored paper, you can use them with any wedding theme.

Book pages (Choose a book you no longer read or stop by a garage sale and pick one up)
Brad (To hold the flower together)
Scissors/Flower Shaped hole punch (Two different sizes)
Exacto Knife

1) You can either use a flower shaped hole punch, or you can create your own flower shape. I had a 2-5/16" flower shaped hole punch at home, but I didn't have another size to go along with it. To make up for that I simply drew out a flower on a piece of paper, cut it out, and used it as a stencil. If you're looking for a hole punch, stop by your local Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or Jo Ann Fabrics and you can find one. Otherwise, create your own stencil!

2) Punch out/cut 10-15 flowers in a combination of the different size flowers you have.

3) Use an exacto knife, or something else that can punch a small hole, to put a hole in the center of all of flowers.

4) Stack all the cut out flowers on top of each other (small ones on top) with their center holes lined up. Push the brad through and fold out both "tails" of the brads to keep all the paper together.

5) Starting with the top layer, squish each paper layer up and together. See photos for example.

After first layer is squished.

After 6 Squishes.

All layers squished.

6) After all layers are squished, pull them back down to flatten them out a little bit. You can keep them as squished as you'd like, or as open as you'd like. You can also make it so the brad shows in the middle (as below), or you can make it so it doesn't (see first photo of this post).

Now you have a super cute paper flower! These are great for decorations/tags on your wedding favors, used as centerpiece accents, as a creative and inexpensive boutonniere for the guys, or even for place cards (just add a cute leaf with the name and table number)! To make yours unique, choose other types of paper and/or brads.

Check back next Monday for another style blog!
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