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Friday, November 18, 2011

Welcome back to another style blog!  I feel like it's been forever, even though it's only been a few weeks!  As we get closer to the end of the year and a new beginning in 2012, it's fun to see the new and upcoming colors, styles, and themes for weddings.  As I'm sure you've noticed, natural tans, taupes and cremes are very popular right now.  Along with those delicious colors comes excellent details and touches such as burlap and wood!  This will be the theme for this week's style blog!

These days brides are more and more going with ivory wedding dresses over powder white wedding dresses. I don't think it has anything to do with how pure the 21st century bride may or may not be, but what's in fashion right now. Oftentimes white gowns are "too" white. Ivory gowns are less bright and shocking to the eye. When a bride chooses shades such as taupe as her wedding color scheme, it is easier to accessorize with an ivory dress, because the colors can all sort of blend together. A gorgeous touch to tie in those natural colors to a bridal gown is by adding a tan or taupe sash.

Next to the beautiful bride with the tan sash goes the beautiful bridesmaids with the tan dresses!  Right now you can find a dress in a natural shade from nearly any designer.  Because of this color trend, no designer wants to be left behind.  Simply gorgeous!

If you're going for a super natural look (which I'm a big fan of) you can go a little different and creative with the groomsmen's boutonniere.  Check out these examples!  Both so creative and so cute!
If you're going with the boutonniere with wood for an accent, tie the decorations in to match it!  Wood can be used in so many ways at a wedding these days.  One centerpiece idea I love with wood is using a log and cutting out holes for flowers and/or candles to rest.  If your groom wants to be a part of the wedding planning but you don't want him to pick out the linens or cake design all by himself, this is a great way to get him involved!  He can make some centerpieces and feel completely involved!
I also love all the little wood accents that are out there in the world to buy or create yourself!  Here are some cute ideas!
Now on to burlap.  Ah... I just love burlap.  It's just such a pretty look.  There are TONS of things you can do with burlap to enhance something that may have been boring before.  My personal favorite thing to do with burlap for linens is use it as table runners.  Some people prefer covering the whole table with a burlap tablecloth.  That can also be gorgeous, but I like the POP the burlap has against the background color.  You can also make a wreath with different colored burlap fabrics like we posted in our blog in September! Take a look here.
Burlap can also be used to create great little details throughout the reception and ceremony.  Check out these great added touches that you can purchase or make on your own!
For me this post could go on and on forever because I love the theme, but I think you get the idea. Be creative with the natural feel and look!  Great things can come from using your imagination.  Make sure you keep your venue in mind, too.  If you're getting married at a barn, you can use more natural effects.  If you're at a ballroom, polish the look a little more.  It doesn't mean you can't do natural effects!  Hope you enjoy!  See you in two weeks for a new DIY craft!

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