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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our November 11th wedding, in one word was, sweet.  From the couple, to the vows, and the dessert table; the evening was like extra frosting on a cake. 

Date: November 11, 2011
Venue: Montaluce Winery and Estates
Theme: Everything Wine
Ambiance: Romantic, Natural Chic
Included: Ceremony, Cocktails, Dinner and Dance

Their Wedding

To make it possible for Ashley's grandparents to attend the wedding, Ashley and Ryan brought the wedding to them and tied the knot at a lovely vineyard in north Georgia, at Montaluce Winery and Estates.  The couple chose November 11, 2011 as their wedding date so that whenever they see 11:11 on the clock, they'll take a minute and make a wish.  The venue and this small daily routine of making a wish for each other became the inspiration for the theme of the wedding.  All of the little details held to this wine theme: place cards held up by wine corks, wine cork key chain favors with the wedding date 11.11.11, a wine box ceremony, a wine bar, the table numbers held up by wine bottles, and cut wine bottles lining the mantle illuminated by candles giving a romantic glow to the room (Pictures to come this week).  Ashley and Ryan decided to meet beforehand so that they could take a majority of the pictures before the guests arrived (so they could enjoy their cocktail hour!).  Their first few moments together was filled with tears from both the bride and groom and extended to all those who were looking on- including myself and the photographer!  While our couple and bridal party went to continue taking pictures in the vineyard, we began setting everything up.  Their ceremony took place on the balcony at sunset with floating candles lining the aisle.  Ashley and Ryan met under an archway decorated with vines, grapes and flowers.  Their handwritten vows spoken to one another were so touching.  Once they said "I do," the couple stole a few moments alone while the guests made their way inside for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.  A few more pictures were taken before the couple joined their friends and family for the cocktail hour.  Next the guests moved into the dining area and found their seats for the dinner service.  The bridal party was introduced and the couple took their first dance in the middle of the room where all of their family and friends looked on with tearful smiles.  The DJ kept things going throughout dinner, getting each table to their feet to sing "a love song: to the bride and groom.  After the dinner service the party moved to the dance floor where the Mother-Son dance took place, followed later in the evening by the Father-Daughter dance.  Dancing only stopped briefly for desserts and toasts.  Throughout the night guests were encouraged to leave Ashley and Ryan a personalized message in the video room.  Friends and family danced the night away with Ashley and Ryan, and the couple made a bright exit through sparklers held by their guests. 

  • Father Daughter Dance: Ashley and her father got everyone clapping and laughing as they danced to a remix of music- we will post a video of this later!
  • Wine Box Ceremony: The couple had a wine box with three slots that held a bottle of wine for their 1st, 5th and 10th wedding anniversaries.  They also wrote love letters to each other that will be opened and enjoyed with the aging bottles of wine to celebrate each major anniversary.
  • Words of Wisdom: The DJ turned on a slow song and got all of the couples onto the dance floor.  He slowly divided the dancers to different sides of the dance floor- moving first those who had been married for a year or less and added years until one couple was left standing.  He then asked Ashley's grandparents, who have been married for over 60 years, how they have "done it."  Ashley's Grandpa responded by saying, "Well, I always have the last word: 'Yes Dear.'"  This was a fun way to celebrate marriage and show the appreciation for those who have really stayed true to their commitment years ago.
  • Wedding "cake:" Ashley and Ryan chose to have a dessert table instead of just the wedding cake, and instead of the traditional wedding cake, they had a Croquembouche pastry cake.  The other desserts included various cakes, moon pies, mini cannoli and more!
We will be posting another blog with the wedding album this week so be sure to check back! 

Ashley & Ryan, thank you for letting us be a part of your wedding- you were such a wonderful couple that truly reminded us of the sweetness of love!

Pictures featured within this post are from Ashley & Ryan's engagement photo session with Janet Howard Studio.  Click HERE to find out more about Janet Howard Studio.
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