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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Trend alert: Hand drawn wedding invitations! We are seeing this everywhere; it's another one of those ways to really make your wedding even more personalized. I love hand drawn maps, they are so cute and they are actually helpful because you can put some of the landmarks that helps those girls (like me) who aren't very good with directions! Now this first invitations is very loud, you can make it more simple by doing something like the invitations below. This invitation is made by Hello!Lucky - check out their custom made invitations (link at the end of the post!)
 The Paris wedding invitation is also made by Hello!Lucky. I have seen a lot of different locations done super cute by this designer so if you are getting married in a particular city or sate that you want to highlight, this would be a great way to do that!
 If you love the whole balloon theme - these invitations would be SO cute to go with it! Check out our balloon post (it is one of my favorites!) click here!
 Loved this comic book styled wedding! Check out the link below because it is just way too cute and the invitations are just a small way they incorporated the theme. I love when people take something that they love and make it the theme of their wedding! This invitation below is on Etsy, I like how simple but complex it is at the same time. The artist did a good job at balancing the two really well. It would work well for someone who is using the "birds of a feather" wedding theme.
 Here's the map! :) Love it!

Check out all the links! These are really fun invitations and a lot of them have really great weddings to go with them. Also a number of them are Etsy creations so if you really like one, look no further, click the link and order!

Stella Harper Events has been working hard to redesign the blog, which is one huge reason why we haven't been posting so much lately! But stay tuned we'll have a new look with the same great content! 

We will be posting more! Have some great blogs and trends coming up so keep coming back! :)


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